The goats.

First of all – all goats from a CAE free flock. Yahoo. We’re a semi-closed flock in that I only buy new stock from one breeder who tests. I have a great relationship with her and, if you don’t see any of my goats that interest you but you are still interested, I can pass on her information as well.

So, I have had a few requests for pics of the goats. The goats, however, LOVE the camera so easier said than done. Here is the best I could pull off. I am so sorry that they look like Pygmies. I assure you they aren’t, it’s just between them moving and an iPhone camera…

Here we have Rosebud (black with a wee bit of white). She’s a great milker and lovely mama. I expect twins out of her but we’ll see! She’s not super flashy but sure throws flashy babies. Her last twins had moonspots. Can you guess how excited I am to see what she’ll offer this year?

That adorable guy with her is Percy. He’s Athena’s full brother and a wether who is companion to Zephyr when the boys and girls must live apart.




So, this is Zephy (aka Zephyr). He’s got lovely, lean dairy lines (though this pic doesn’t do him justice). He’s also got a lovely dam who is a great mama and has an award winning udder. His personality is absolutely lovely. We couldn’t be happier with him and just know he’s the right boy for our girls.




Haha – this is Athena (pregnant much?). She’s also got lovely dairy lines and is a first freshener. She’s just finishing giving up her winter coat (that’s what you see along her neck). I actually think he babies will likely be excellent for crossing into fibre lines. As a spinner, I have been intrigue by the little bits of cashmere that the goats have offered. The have a decent staple length and I’ve seriously considered introducing cashmere or angora genes but… we’ll see how things go.




We have a waiting list for babies at this point. Please feel free to message me to get on the list.

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