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It’s hard to imagine greater beauty

I know it’s not popular to love winter but I do. I really, really do. Colours are so much more vibrant, the sun truly casts gold and silver along the snow covered bows and the blue tinged mountains. My heart wants to weep and sing all at once from the impact of the beauty.


It is a hard time, I do know that. Today our high is -14*C and the low is -22*C to -25*C (depending on where you look) and there is serious wind adding to the cold. We’re taking hot water out to the animals a few times per day and everyone’s getting extra grain. We’ve got both stoves going, tea perpetually in the pot and warming suppers planned (lots of soups and braising). Maybe I like it because we’re so inclined to overprep that it’s kind of fun to try our hand against the elements? I don’t know. Maybe it’s the fact that my people (on my mother’s side) came from hard scrabble as they say, primarily the Outer Hebrides. Or maybe it’s the fact that the briskness wakes me up and helps me feel truly alive and then I come back into the coziness of the house and hearth? Anyway you slice it, I love winter.

Thanks google , for loaning me this picture.
Thanks google , for loaning me this picture.