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Big decisions – goats for sale

Hey everyone,


I have had a few people asking so… I thought I would just do a quick post. We will have babies for sale this year but I haven’t competely decided who yet. All intact animals will sell for $450 and I will be taking deposits just as soon as I decide who, for sure, to sell, who to leave intact, etc. I don’t want to take deposits and then disappoint someone.

I know there has been interest in our stunning herdsire. I will not be leasing him (sorry) but may decide to sell him with his companion wether.

It’s tough deciding because there are so many good babies worth keeping back. I will have at least one gorgeous, blue eyed buckling for sale. I think the mahogany buckskin but…. just not sure. They’re all so stunning.

We haven’t decided whether to put any of the young ladies up for sale either.

Gita and Thor may be available.

Not yet named blue eyed, buckskin buckling (disbudded); not yet named blue eyed, mahogany chamoisee (polled).
Not yet named blue eyed, buckskin buckling (disbudded); not yet named blue eyed, mahogany chamoisee (polled).
Gita (doeling – horned, NFS) and Thor (buckling-polled, now a wether)


Breeding, goats, Nigerian Dwarf Goats

It’s raining! (and kidding supplies)

Well, I wrote a post about how it was raining and that was a good thing because I’m not quite ready for winter. And then it started trying to snow. So, I guess ready or not, it’s coming fast! Of course the sad bit of this is that my barn may be on hold until the spring. First World Problems, I know but still…

Of course thinking about the barn got me thinking about goatlings which got me planning my breeding programme for this year (now that we have our boys!). I see babies in the May/June timeframe. I’ve decided it’s easier to keep them warm when there is a mama to do that and having them little now is kind of tough on them.

That, in turn, got me thinking of kidding supplies so, I started to compile a list. I’ve created a separate page for it. You can find that here. It’s also in the index for this blog.

Happy rainy day everyone.