Farm life, Flannelberry Friday

Flannelberry Sunday?

Alright, so I failed this Friday. I even had a draft post all ready to go but… we were going camping and I ended up having to work at the last minute. So, those are all of my excuses and now, I’m playing catch up.

Today is a free day. No, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing I have to do; quite the opposite actually. It means it’s a day I was supposed to be gone for and am home so I can catch up. I have promised myself some creative time… all work and no play and all of that!

Also, it’s the Equinox today (at 20:44 UT).
earth_lighting_equinox_300 (thanks Earth Sky for the great image. To learn about the equinox, check out their page, it’s awesome).

Equinox = Feast Day. Here it’s local, local, local. There’s really no excuse for no doing it at this time of the year. Where I live, we are rich in abundance all around us – most places are, when you consider it.

Alright – off I go to my free day.

Happy Equinox everyone.