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Another post, are you kidding? (or… the many methods of procrastination)

Well, there is too much to do today. How do I know when the day is so young I shouldn’t know how it will unfold? Simple. Not only do I know that I have about a dozen chickens to process this morning (before it gets hot) I have this:

lovely box of onions and garlic to process.

And two of these:

to turn into kraut. That picture, by the way, does not do them justice.

And yes, there is an epic box of plums waiting to have something done to them, remaining pears also waiting for something (jam or dehydrating, not sure which), more rosehips to pick and process. Which reminds me, I found the best link for dealing with the little hairs:

I cannot wait to have the time to cruise through this site. It’s one that I think I would really enjoy.

So, there is also the garden to be dealt with. Lots of weeding is needed as well as preparing for winter crops. And getting hay and mucking out and and and. I am often asked how I manage to get everything done and the simple answer is that I don’t. I am always prioritizing what can’t wait (like the meat birds). I have a good month until the first real frost so there’s time for rosehips, garden beds are a higher priority, as is the fruit but likely I’ll just ask for all hands on deck to help with it and we’ll manage. If we don’t, the fruit becomes eggs by way of the chickens and ducks so I am always inclined to remember that on a farm (no matter how small) all is rarely lost.

Now, I suppose I ought to get to it.