Mouse in the house

I had intended to write a lovely post about the gorgeous colours as the weather changes – and it has been absolutely stunning, don’t get me wrong.


And then I had to go right into the pantry, head down to rummage around when I smelled… mouse pee. Well, that was it. I started flinging things out, including the mouse as it turned out. So now we have just enough back in place for the mouse to feel intrigued to come back home.


Hopefully this will also result in the mouse wanting a nibble of the cheese on the trap. Yep, it is a killing trap and I’m just fine with that. If I caught the mouse and relocated it outside, it would be a slow, painful hungry death as winter started and it didn’t have any stores which is not fair at all. My hope is actually that one of the cats will get it but…


We’ll see how this works out.

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