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Here’s the update… so many updates!

The first two are:

1) I’ll embed the old site (http://flannelberry.weebly.com/) up in the menu so I don’t have to migrate all of the old info here because… why make work for myself? I know it’s not that hard, there are even widgets that will basically do it for you but… nay. I’m just not going to.

2) Please don’t contact me about goats. I’ve sold the lot of them and so, have none to sell you. If you have a goat question, I suppose I could try to answer it but you’d be better off trying somewhere like https://www.thegoatspot.net/ because I’m really out of goats for now so I won’t be keeping up to date on research etc.

How’s that for now? Oh – and there are no goats but things haven’t changed that much…



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