We need more of this!

Often, in my day job, I hear a lot fo complaints about food. Families on assistance don’t get enough to eat healthy. They don’t get enough to eat healthy-ish processed foods, that’s for sure but I think the biggest barrier is knowing what healthy foods are, how to prepare them, and learning, after a lifetime of less healthy/more processed foods, to adapt your palate to them.


Here is a story of a mum who did just that. 


Even better, she’s teaching others to do the same.


This article kind of touches on it but is clearly written from a position of financial privilege.


Because yes, buying a whole chicken and cutting it up with save you money. However, if you do not have the money to begin with – or if the chicken takes up too large a percentage of your cheque, it doesn’t really matter how much you save. Now, if you can use a bigger portion of your funds (and this isn’t just for folks on assistance -it’s for tonnes of people who are just scraping by) to buy a whole chicken because your veg is being grown at home, so much the better.


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