It’s chicken season

And if you’re thinking about ordering chickens, you might want to look here:




Also, if you are ordering, keep in mind all of the surplus roos that are just going to be um… mulched. Seriously. Think about it. If Nature provides a 50/50 ratio  and we’re all ordering a tonne of chicks… well? What do you think happens to all of the extra roos?


This year we’re just ordering a few to refresh the flock. Next year I think I will just buy closer to home from people who are eating the surplus. I realize death is death but a humane death after a good life is not the same as being mauled on a conveyor belt and hopefully dying quickly. 


On that happy note… 





2 thoughts on “It’s chicken season”

  1. I know that the raptors and snakes at the Calgary zoo get fed the roos from some hatcheries around there. It’s still death but at least something else gets fed.

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