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The Yule Goat

Many of us in North America grew up with a very commercial concept of Christmas – even those who are Christians and who attend mass and help at soup kitchens. I think we can all use a little reminding that Christmas as we celebrate it both is and isn’t a newish tradition. If you’d like to read more about the history of what we celebrate and how we celebrate at this dark time of year, there’s an interesting letter about it right here:

What I feel we sometimes miss or miss out on, is the richness of ancient traditions. One I was reminded of, and am enjoying is the story of the Yule Goat. I had thought to recount the tale of the Yule Goat but really, it’s more important that you seek out the traditions and history that fits your family and your wishes. So I leave you with that, and this excellent work of art by Scott Benson (he has an Etsy shop if you like his style).

yule goat

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