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Funny noises….

So, because of a glitch – and this one wasn’t a user error, thank FSM! – this post is a week late but here it is.

It seems Athena has just entered the heat cycle. What’s entertaining about that is that she’s a new adult who appears to be a bit unsure about what the heck is going on. Zephy, who is definitely not yet an adult, knows he’s supposed to be doing something but is trying to figure everything out. She’s not in standing heat so she’s not really that interested but she’s kind of interested. It’s hilarious and they are making the most unusual noises. I took a little video that is very poor quality (just used my phone and it’s nearly dark) but so worth a listen.

They’re clearly talking and courting -in a very teenager ‘I’m really into you but get lost’ kind of way. The vocalizations are so out of their usual sounds that LG came in an said “I think Athena’s choking, she’s making a really strange noise.”

So, with no further ado… Well, some further ado. It turns out wp doesn’t want any video. I think I can up them to youtube and link to there.

Here’s a picture from the jostling to tide you over.

IMG_7677That’s Zephy (white) and Athena (tri colour with her butt pointed towards the camera). Poor Percy is on the right, trying to figure out what the heck is going on.

Update: there has been a lot of cuddling and smooching between Athena and Zephy but no more of this behaviour. Me thinks she’s bred but we’ll see what happens in about three weeks.

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