It’s so beautiful…

Sometimes I speed up so much I forget to slow down and appreciate.

From this:


To this:

In just 24hrs. Something about the snow makes me introspective. I suppose it’s my inner squirrel coming out. Snow season is a time to be indoors with tea and hearty warm foods, with family and knitting and a cozy fire.

So for tonight, no pithy thoughts, no more rushing around. For now it’s post supper tidy up, Arcade Fire and then crafts. Also – am booting myself off the computer. It’s not slowed down. Numbing yes but slowed down? Not really. I think it actually accelerates you in a very unhealthy way.

On that note, good night all.

(Pithy thoughts, goat updates and the like will resume possibly as soon as Monday – though I make no promises).

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