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A dodgey business

So, I had some other thoughts I wanted to post about today (like my first loaf of totally sourdough – no commercial yeast – bread) but, while looking for some recipes I stumbled across something that could best be described as, well, dodgey.

So, here I am looking for a yummy recipe and as I have some ideas of what I’d like to use up, I put them in google. As an example:

carrot, apple, berry, yogurt, muffin recipe

And of course, google gifted me with a bunch of options. So, I’m cruising through the recipe options, drooling as I go and realizing I’m in danger of spending more time reading blogs and recipes than actually baking, when I realize something. I quickly switch back and forth between a few pages… yep… I really am seeing what I think I’m seeing. Roughly the same recipe which on two pages are attributed to another page (the same one, in fact) but the third page isn’t attributed to anything. Curious. So, I go to the page referenced by the other pages. Strange. Did that page, a very well known cooking site that I suspect is the primary source of income for the owner, steal from this other homesteady page which is also selling ad space and clearly trying to generate revenue? I start checking dates. Nope, the attributed page is from two years ago where the other page is from this summer. Well, it happens that we write down a recipe and think it’s ours, I guess. But then I realize the write up is the exact same on both pages which is really odd because it’s all about fresh fruit and climate but the original (which is now clearly the original) is from the UK and the other one is from the Southern USA.

Now as I said, it would be easy to jot down a recipe and forget it’s home – you could easily be forgiven for thinking you’d invented it. But copying the whole page of text that goes along with it? That’s a dodgey business. Even dodgier when you start looking at the other recipes and realizing they’re also ripped. Rather than give that site more traffic, I just stopped looking.

It just seemed odd to me – especially as this was a “whole foods, live honestly, back to the land” kind of site. I guess people like that can be a bit (seemingly) dishonest but it just seemed strangely incongruent.

As for the bread? It’s not very pretty, not like this loaf:


(ripped from Wikipedia)

but it was all naturally leavened and did rise. It is cooling right by me and I can smell the tang of the sourdough. I hope it’s delicious.

I’ve got my next batch of start underway and hope to do a better job with photos so I can report on it. I have learned a tonne about fermenting lately and can’t wait to share that information.

2 thoughts on “A dodgey business”

    1. You know, it’s hard to know what to do about it. A part of me thought about “outing” the potentially guilty page but… what if there was some reason for it, something I missed and I’ve just started a witch hunt? Shrugs. I’m not saying my little blog has that much power but one doesn’t want to be the proverbial straw.

      I guess all we can do is do our best to make sure we don’t do that. In hindsight, I should have contacted the owner of the blog and offered the URL to the same content two years earlier. I did wonder if it was the same person but the older blog is a very well known one and… they’ve not said they moved to the US so I think it unlikely. I do know what I was looking up so maybe I’ll try to find her again.

      Anyway, those are my two courses of action – make sure I keep my nose clean and next time to contact the blogger (nicely).

      Thanks for stopping by.

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