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It’s raining! (and kidding supplies)

Well, I wrote a post about how it was raining and that was a good thing because I’m not quite ready for winter. And then it started trying to snow. So, I guess ready or not, it’s coming fast! Of course the sad bit of this is that my barn may be on hold until the spring. First World Problems, I know but still…

Of course thinking about the barn got me thinking about goatlings which got me planning my breeding programme for this year (now that we have our boys!). I see babies in the May/June timeframe. I’ve decided it’s easier to keep them warm when there is a mama to do that and having them little now is kind of tough on them.

That, in turn, got me thinking of kidding supplies so, I started to compile a list. I’ve created a separate page for it. You can find that here. It’s also in the index for this blog.

Happy rainy day everyone.


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