Breeding, Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Flannelberry Friday…

Ok – I did forget this week. Friday was such a busy day but for such a wonderful, fun, reason.

So last weekend I drove 1400 kms in 30 hrs (that’s 870 miles in… well… 30hrs) to bring home this:


This serious dose of cuteness consists of Zehpy (our buckling, on the right) and his buddy Percy (the wether, on the left) who will be the foundation of our dairy goat breeding programme.

All of our goats have come from Outlaw Acres where Sharon has just been reconfirmed as a dairy goat judge. So, when I tell her I’m looking to start a breeding programme and see tells me she’s got the perfect buckling to go with our does (who she knows because they were also bred by her), I know I’ve got a sure thing.

So, how does my trip last weekend mean anything for Friday? Well, they were in the little run right by the house for their first few days here. We could keep an eye on them and make sure they were recovering well from their travels. But, they’ve didn’t really have enough room to really play and run around in there so… they went out to the big run J made for them in anticipation of their arrival. Which meant putting the finishing touches on everything.

Now, not only do they have a super pallet house (we’re aiming to use all reclaimed materials in our building these days), they have a double thickness of fence around 3/4 of the run (the remaining 1/4 is covered in raspberry brambles and storing the rest of the fence) and will have lots of contact with us (they’re out with the chickens and ducks) but are a good distance from both the house and the girls (to cut down on bucky smell). There is a new hay feeder, a bench to sit on in the house and lots of stumps and rocks to play on. In short, it’s a dream goat run.

They’re just the most adorable boys every. I could have a whole flock of wethers, I think, if I didn’t want milk. I do think wethers make the perfect pet. Girls still go into heat – they know their bodies could be doing something during that time and you get to know all about it too. In my experience with Alpine Goats, Nubian Goats and now Nigerian Dwarf Goats, they can be a bit loud and irritable during that time. The wethers though, they’re just the ideal pet. No bucky smell (even Zephy, at his young age, is getting a hint of it), never goes into heat and absolutely affectionate. I see a long life here for these stunning boys.

Trying to eat the camera. Cute and Curious!
Trying to eat the camera. Cute and Curious!

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