A bread lab? Really?

How cool is that? WSU has a bread lab. I stumbled across it in my quest to find out ways to make my 100% rye/kamut flour bread a little less, well, coarse. It’s a good bread but it is heavy and it is coarse. I would love one that is a bit lighter but I do want whole grain and I want to minimize the amount of wheat I’m using. No, it’s not because I hae anything against wheat, it’s just that the other grains grow in my area and are there to be had in abundance. Wheat and oats grow but there just isn’t the same abundance of those. Anyway, I’m on the quest to use the grains in my area and make bread that looks like:

It turns out that beyond just learning about bread, they’re also trying to understand grains, how they grow and how to maximize yields. Now, I’m not a GMO fan, nor am I a monoculture fan. I am a fan of better understanding what we have and sharing the information with others so we too can maybe grow our own grains.

If you want to know more about the Bread Lab there are a whole host of resources to do so. There’s Deconstructing Dinner, there’s Gastronimica (and older one, sorry), there’s the Fresh Loaf (a great bread resource), and there’s this site which links you to their annual conference.

Happy baking everyone.


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