It’s Flannelberry Friday

So, I have The Cold. Everyone in town has it so I suppose it was inevitable. Especially when you combine that with the fact that I have been burning the candle at both ends. Now here’s the confession – I used Advil Cold and Sinus to get me through the couple of days I really had to get into the office. Not the greatest option really given that a)I was probably sharing germs and b) I really do believe that getting a cold means time to rest (for everyone but me).

But, Thursday I didn’t push through because I actually think that while my job is important, for the most part, the world doesn’t end if I’m not there. I know that’s not exactly typical modern thinking but really, I think we should all stop this strange protectionist thing we’ve got going with our jobs. I do know the concerns – the main one is “I need to be the gate keeper for X, Y, or Z or I’ll lose my job”. Maybe, maybe not. I guess I just find myself thinking about that way of thinking and whether I want to put that much energy into my job. Or, if I’d like o go to work, be totally present at work and then go home where I am equally present at home. Anyway, enough about that.

As for The Cold. I’m doing a lot of the usual stuff – drinking lots and staying home. Yesterday my brain was foggy at best. Now I’m definitely still under the weather but not so out of it. And I have something resembling energy for the first time in a while. I have to say that an acupuncture appointment seemed to coincide with this turn of events. Sure, it could be coincidence but within about an hour of my appointment I went from “so super bleh” to “hmmm, kind of bleh”. Today I’m “not so bad”.

The other thing that I think contributed to my turn around was the pot of tea recommended at my acupuncture appointment.


I have been using our lovely, pure well water, a couple of chunks of organic ginger and an organic lemon sliced. I opted not to keep the ends in the pot as it got a bit too bitter last night. I have been drinking this like crazy without any added honey even (though you could do). I keep craving this tea and am glad for it.

Well, that’s it for today. The sun is out (hooray!) and my energy level is ok so the greenhouse and garden beckon. Yep, I am absolutely behind on the fall planting but whatever. I have transplants to go into the garden and seeds to be sown. I figure that the worst case scenario is that I won’t get much of a harvest and will be out a few seeds. If we get lucky and the weather turns, I’ll have some decent growing. Either way, I’ll get some dirt time in and that’s a great thing.

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Canadians.

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