It’s still Flannelberry Friday – even when you post in two places

No, I didn’t forget. I actually had so many things I wanted to post about that I couldn’t decide what to actually post. That and the fact that there is a frog living in my greenhouse that I wanted to get a picture of. Evidently s/he isn’t as into Flannelberry Friday as I might like because when I had the option of a picture, s/he wouldn’t come out of hiding. And to top it all off, I accidentally posted on the old blog.

I wanted to use this post to remind everyone to hurry, hurry, and get their fall planting started. It’s getting late for most things but there is still time if you’re in a warmer zone than mine (Zone 5), have a greenhouse (or row cover/hoop house/cloches) or are just willing to give it a try.

Right now I have various greens (mustard, lettuce, kale) sprouting, broad beans (Martoc, Purple Fava and probably Windsor), sweet peas (yep, the ornamental ones), sugar peas, beans (because why not?), various broccolis, nasturtiums, and I can’t even remember what else. I have to say that there’s so much going on in the greenhouse that even when I don’t get frogs out of the deal, it makes me stupidly happy to see it all.

Here it is peeps.



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