Flannelberry Friday

Well good morning.

I don’t know about where you are but here, autumn has arrived. Sure, it might yet get warm again but the cool, misty morning and all day, if you look at yesterday. Of course this might change, we might have the days warm up. In reality though, even if it gets back up to the mid thirties (which it tried the other day) it’s just not going to be able to sustain serious heat.

Now, I love autumn. This is truly my favourite, favourite weather; cool, overcast, a bit misty/foggy. My only sorrow are the tomatoes sitting in my garden – little green, hard balls that are not likely to ripen even if I bring them in and hang them. I think this is the danger in planting things that are not suited to your climate. You can know not to expect much from the tomatoes but it’s hard not be a wee bit hopeful. Don’t feel too bad for me – I do have a friend I’ve traded with which will likely mean I have more tomatoes than I know what to do with. Literally – we will be eating tomato everything. And I have great kale, cabbages and other brassicas which a lot of people have trouble with. So, it’s all balancing out.

Sadly, I cannot post a braggy picture here. So that will have to wait. Sadly, all pics will have to wait. I suppose these are the wages of not posting yesterday.

More later.

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