I’ve been spending a lot of time this summer learning about permaculture. Before I spend a lot more time digging up and /or planting areas of our yard, I want to be sure I’m on the right track. I hate doing things over. I know J might not believe that given how often I end up moving things but I do hate it.

So, what I’ve learned is, well, a tonne of stuff. I’ve realized I need to make a greenhouse somewhere here. It’s a bit of a trick to figure out where but somewhere. Likely a hoop house would be the easiest. I realized I could really…hey – I could put it where the dog house (that’s about to be moved) is… It’s hot and sunny and over top of a good sized bit of yard that’s housed ducks and now chickens for as long as we’ve had them. And housed sheep for a few years as well. Hmmmm. I was going to grow hot weather crops there anyway…. See, blogging does have some use. Ok, so I’ve realized that I could easily grow enough peppers and pickling cukes for our own use – especially if I have a greenhouse as my back up option if/when we have weather like this year. I don’t know about tomatoes but maybe. I don’t think it’s impossible – especially now that we’re that much closer to the chickens moving away from the immediate area of the house. J has the coop nearly finished. I’m going to pain the floor tomorrow (LG and I were cleaning out there this afternoon). The roof may go on as soon as next week. It’s all so exciting because it means that I can have plants around the house without having to have crazy fences.

This summer has been an interesting one. I’ve realized how important it is for me to be home and doing that sort of stuff. I can literally work from the time I get up until the time I fall asleep at home things (from fences to canning) and be content. So this year, it’s time for the analysis. Do we save money by me being at home more and gardening etc. more? I suspect we will. And, as J has pointed out, I’ll be happier so we’ll all be happier. It’s interesting to think about and plan for.

For now, I’m too tired to think straight and so, no more post. All of the things I’d planned to say are trapped in my fogged brain. Bed.

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