Old school supper

Alright – I suppose it’s not a real supper. I had a huge bowl of creamed peas with just a bit of salt and pepper. It was SO GOOD. I forgot all about that. I had a huge thing of green peas to use up and thought I’d try the recipe out on LG. LG has other plans. He’d had a sleep over the night before (yep, three 9 year old boys over night) and so was exhausted enough to put himself to bed at 4:30. Oh don’t worry, he only napped and completely blew bedtime! Lame. Anyway, I ate the creamed peas and they were delish!

What I’m wondering about this morning is: I was just reading tastespotting, well, I suppose not really reading so much as browsing and scheming. I mean, who wouldn’t be drawn to this? and I came across this spinach pesto recipe. So that got me thinking – spinach pesto? Hmmmm… I have a tonne of lambsquarters everywhere and they’re related to spinach. Maybe I should make a forager’s pesto?

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