Nana – one of our oldest and most favourite hens (as well as being a great mum and layer) – is MIA. I’m hoping she’s on a secret nest. The dogs were working all night so I have no idea what’s been in the yard. I’m thinking free-ranging is a great theory but it is not really working.

Next stop – Premier 1 to investigate electronet for poultry.

UPDATE: Nana and her secret nest are found. I suspect we’re on Day 1 of brooding. 20 days to go. Oh – they’ll hatch while I’m at Olds…

2 thoughts on “ARRRGGG!!!”

  1. We just discovered one of our hens with three little chicks! What a cool surprise. If you are looking for electranet in Canada, you should check out the Wool Growers Co-op…they had the best prices I found… http://www.wool.ca I’ve been using it with my sheep and I love it! BTW…Hvitkarr is a proud Daddy of 5 beautiful little lambs…4 white with spots and one black. You can see pictures on my blog…www.wiseacres.ca
    Have fun at Olds!

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