Oh dear – garden woes

So, we were away all weekend at the Cuboree – so fun! It rained like anything and while we did get a bit wet, we kept our gear dry and didn’t let it get us down. What did get me down was the double problem of coming home to find my duck mamas and babies on the wrong side of my garden fence for… I dunno, the whole weekend? And the wet. It is so wet 24+hrs later my feet still leave serious prints in the ground. Prints that fill with water. Oh yes – and it’s so dark even the leeks aren’t growing. The peas are – when they survive the ducks but… it’s not working as envisioned.

So, those two things have combined in a big bunch of work. I’m re-relocating most of the veggies to the old garden. Excellent soil, drainage and light. I had great luck there. Why did I leave it? Water. I have to run the hose to water that garden. The one right behind the house can be rain barrel fed very, very easily. That was a huge consideration. There’s enough well drained, bright space that it’s not a total loss – and things like currants and gooseberries that do so well in the UK (read – wet, cool and dark-ish) are in the darkest part. It’s not dark dark and does get a few hours of serious and direct sun. The blueberries are going to be in the interface – where it’s getting lighter and has better drainage. The ground is immensely nutrient rich – so much so I worry about being able to get them to bear. I’ll likely interplant a tonne of shade tolerant brassicas to slurp up the nitrogen as much as possible. All in all it’s a pain but worth doing. I went over to the old garden and there are carrots coming up (none in any of the new garden plots) beets, peas, spinach (like crazy), fennel (I think). It’s all left over from last year and planted early this year – before the decision to move everything. It’s really a great plot. Sigh. At least I tried…

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