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Hair update and the promised photos

But first, a rant. My ducks. It’s a love/ hate relationship I tell you. I finally got some sleep last night (for those who don’t know here’s the quick and dirty – I have Crohn’s disease, this flare up has been a problem for months, I’m on prednisone. Prednisone gets in the way of sleep. Big time. And makes you irritable – it’s a great combination. Of course I’m wondering how they sorted that out at the clinical trials. Maybe the sleep deprivation causes the irritability? Or the weight gain and puffiness? I sound very attractive – don’t I? Anyway, they would sort it out by assessing symptoms in people who were given something to sleep but that’s not the point! The worst part is that I haven’t been feeling hungry (it’s supposed to do that) but nauseous if I don’t eat. So. Fun. Sorry, back to our regular post).

My ducks – I wake up to the alarm cheep of a duckling.

They weren’t this calm then btw!

Anyway, they’re in my garden. The three mamas (because ducks are odd that way. I had three on nests and they became this mother collective. They do that all of the time – even abandoning the nest they have under them to join up with the other mamas. Now, when the eggs hatch at roughly the same time as it did for the first two mamas it’s not a big deal but when they do what this third one did and abandon the nest with eggs that are largely formed – it’s yucky!)

So, my garden – which I slaved over until the 40 days and nights of rain- has been trampled and ruined. Fortunately some of the plants have survived but lots – like the melons I actually started early and transplanted successfully are destroyed. I keep telling myself the good thing is I did it and so feel like I’ve hit the next rung on the gardener ladder but still! Fortunately a bunch of things haven’t been hurt – like the corn we started and the pumpkins. The seeds for the pumpkins were saved from the fruit last year – that feels like a super accomplishment.

Anyway, after a big crazy thing – in which Winchester bounced into the garden thinking he was going to get a stick thrown for him and made everything just that much more chaotic – I finally got them out. Perhaps J will help me figure out where they got in and how to keep them out!

In other news – I baked bagels yesterday:
Here’s proof:

Yes – one did get overly browned. I’m not at all sure how that happened although I suspect that tells me where my oven has a hot spot.

The bagels – btw – are yummy. I’ve stopped buying them because they’re relatively easy to make (with a Kitchen Aid doing all of the heavy lifting!) and so good when homemade – why spend $5 per bag?

I hear rumbling from LG – perhaps he’s waking up? He stayed up waaaayyy too late last night.

Here are some quick photos of the bee yard – just for interest. We have two langs and a TBH

Oh – and the hair. Well, I put way too much EO in the vinegar rinse so it’s a bit heavy feeling but my scalp feels great actually. More on that later. I’m officially on duty!

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