Oh the garden

I’m loving the garden -really I am there’s just been one problem. It is thick and deep that’s it’s holding water. Well, it’s also really just wet around here. Now, before you tell me I have clay, I’ll explain (I just had this happen). My garden is in the old sheep run. I don’t have clay but I have years and years worth of compacted manure and straw and hay. So, extremely rich and has the potential to be incredible but holding water. So far everything is still doing ok but we’ll see if that continues with the continued rain.

Oh, I suppose I should explain further. I was just out there and realized I probably should have tilled the area this fall. I’d thought of it but didn’t want to destroy all of the worms in there. And it’s too big an area to double dig. Next year I suspect I’m going to have to till. I’ll till and mound up to get the drainage happening.

I did – at least – go into this knowing this was the year of trying everything out. I have tonnes of things planted in odd places just to see what does well where.

While I’m talking garden, I’d like to put a plug in for this wonderful seed company. I purchased a bunch of seeds from her this year and oh my goodness! Not only are there so many wonderful varieties but my germination has been second to none. I am so very impressed!

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