Another raptor attack.

My poor duck mamas – every time they go to the pond another duckling gets picked off. This morning LG saw one of the two grey ducklings snatched by the raptor who has figured out where the free meals are. We’ve dropped from 10 ducklings in that flock to five and all taken by the kestrel.

So – here’s the other news. Today is the International Day of the Honey Bee. Do something to support honey bees. Plant some bee friendly plants, learn about the bees and consider getting yourself a hive, or go here and make a donation – even a tiny one.

We did introduce honey bees to North America and have developed many food systems etc. around their presence. Let’s make sure we keep them here and healthy.

What am I doing? Well, that’s easy. I’m going to leave my girls alone, let them do what bees do best and keep advocating for natural bee keeping methods..

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