Home today

After much business, I’m actually going to get to concentrate on the gardens and creatures – including my bees. If the weather is good I’ll be in the beeyard assessing the possibility of making at least one of the hives into a split. And likely housing someone in my TBH.

I have been doing more bee research than anything else lately and while I’m glad I got the two Langs because they’ll let me easily house new bees from a standard nuc to my yard, I plan to use the Langs as my transition hives. The more I learn about bees and hives the more convinced I am about TBHs.

I would strongly encourage anyone considering bees to look into them. Go to biobees.com or listen to Phil Chandler’s podcasts (biobees, on iTunes). When you hear someone who isn’t selling you anything (yes, he does have his book for sale for a nominal price and frankly, he gives you all of the info he has regardless of whether you’re bought the book),he’s just done all of this because it’s good for the bees. Well, that’s powerful.

I suppose I should expand on that. I’ve had a few people ask about Phil and the work he’s doing. And no, he doesn’t commercially sell honey, bees or hives. He gives away the plans to make his hives and will help you figure out how to adapt them to your region. He is a bee philanthropist and I hope we can find better ways to support him.

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