The bee yard…

Well, after a surprising amount of interest, the Flannelberry Farm blog has returned. I had no idea people actually read this. I have to maintain the shop one as well so we’ll see how I do! I have to say I like the idea of one that has a very specific topic – like shop – and one that is mine all mine and I can write about whatever I want.

There are things happening here. No lambs anymore. I have had a few health hiccups and so we decided to sell all of the sheep to my good friend and fellow farm girl Lonna at Apple Jack Creek. It turned out to be good that we did because the last month and certainly the last few weeks, have been a wild ride. This time for the past few years I would have been managing at least one bottle lamb so while I miss them so much it physically aches at time, it really was the best decision. That doesn’t mean I’m not hoping things will change so that I could have sheep again. But just a fibre flock, for wethers. I promise. (I have to say that because J will end up reading this). Um… right.

Onto what is happening. So, while I don’t have the woolies we still have plenty going on. In addition to the requisite dogs (the LGD and ES – both still very useful for dealing with coyotes trying to snatch the avians) and cats – also very useful for helping control the mouse populaiton, we have two broods of ducklings, two more mamas on nests and one hatch of chicks. The garden has been repositioned (to take advantage of the old sheep yard nearest the house) and expanded beyond my wildest dreams. And I am thrilled! The new coop is not exactly done and given the weather right now, not so likely to be so until next month (I’m betting). Once the coop and chickens/ducks are moved the garden will expand again. So. Exciting.

And finally, today I picked up our bees for this year. I suspect it’s going to go much better than last year (and it would be hard to be worse so I think I’m starting off well). I have learned to much about beekeeping over the winter and am WAY excited. And over tired. And I’m going to go and check on them because they’ve just come home to a major rain storm.


2 thoughts on “The bee yard…”

  1. You got BEES? How totally awesome! We want bees too but it’ll be a couple of years I think (partly until the smaller people here are a little larger, partly until we … well… get time and energy).

    The sheepies all say hello … we are still waiting on lambs from the one-winters (actually, Hvitka had a very, very early stillborn but Silfra and Braetha are still looking tentatively promising). They must miss you as we had no triplets this year! We have been doing the ever-continuing fences/shelters/rearranging of pastures – and *that* is not the fun part. Ah well, part of the job, and every year we do make net improvements. That’s not actually all that hard to do, considering where we started but ….

    In the good news department: there’s a big bag o’ fleece in the car headed your way tomorrow!

    1. Yum! I can’t wait for the fleece. Do you realize how soon it is until Olds?

      I think you should wait for the bees. Let me figure them out and then I can walk you through it. I found them much harder than any of the other creatures but I realize that’s more about the bee community and the conventions about how things “should” be done rather than the bees. So far we’re doing much better, I understand so much more than I did last year and find them really easy. I was just in the beeyard checking on everyone but I don’t suit up anymore – not unless we’re doing something invasive like swapping frames…

      The bees are in two Langs and one TBH. I’ve got one that’s looking ready to swarm so I might try to bait a second TBH for them to move into!

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