I am obsessed with chipotles

I love the smoky flavour they impart to everything. I’ve made chipotle salsa, early this canning season. Now, with the abundance of green tomatoes I made the aforementioned chipotle chili sauce. I have to say it’s a lot more like relish with chipotles than chili sauce. I haven’t decided on it yet – maybe I like it. Definitely on a burger, I have no trouble imagining that! I’m going to trial it at dinner tomorrow night…


Now I have a Salsa Verde variation on the stove. No tomatillos because I have so many damned green tomatoes. My MIL made 40 jars of Salsa Verde and wondered why in God’s Name (should that be capitalized?) I would bother with making my own. Just an abundance of the green tomatoes. I’m making a triple batch (somewhere around 9 -500ml jars) and have barely made a dent in the tomatoes. Tomorrow, dilled tomatoes. I may have to compost a bunch though, I’m running out of steam and ideas. And I have to buy more jars. I’ll have to decide if that’s worth it.


Here’s my other obsession – the Julie/Julia project. I went to the movie and liked it well enough. I didn’t love Julie in it though and decided to check out the blog that started the whole thing. Holy toledo – they should have used more of the original material from the blog. In the movie she was a bit of a petulant creature with few redeeming features. IRL (or IRBlog, I suppose) she’s someone I would SO hang out with. So much of who she is was lost in the movie. So, for those of you who didn’t like the flick or found her lukewarm, check out the blog. So. Worth. Your. While.

2 thoughts on “I am obsessed with chipotles”

  1. Colleen, are you still around? Still have sheep? I have been looking for you everywhere but all I find are things like this that are a little out of date. I hope all is well!

    Andrea Clarke

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