It is still bitterly, bitterly cold

and there’s no end in sight! The snow that didn’t succumb to the early morning snowball fight yesterday is still on the ground. We’ve been doing some digging and this hasn’t happened (ever that we’ve been able to find) in anyone’s memory before. I was speaking with an older guy (maybe early 70s) in a market and he grew up here – can’t remember weather like this. Yes, the occasional snow in early October, messes with the last of the fruit but then it’s done. Not like this, where one week it’s late summer/early autumn and the next it’s winter. The trees haven’t even lost their leave. Environment Canada doesn’t seem able to keep up. I keep checking and the forecast keeps a-changing. LG will be thrilled however, as the forecast is for snow next week.


We’re brewing up all sorts of things here – using the green tomatoes. Last night I started a delicious smelling chipotle green chili sauce. I was skeptical but the ingredients looked good and it’s my most reliable canning book so I figured I’d go for it. Of course, true to my own nature, I couldn’t leave it exactly as is and so tweaked it by subbing the jalepe~nos (I can’t get the ~ over the n – sue me) with chipotle. OMG – what a great sub. Now we have it re-heating on the stove for final processing this morning It needed to cook for three hours AND I had to do it after supper which would’ve meant staying up until right now, probably, if I were to process it last night (35 min per batch). So, we’ll finish today and make salsa verde. J decided he likes the homemade salsa which means we’re ripping through it.  A good thing, given that I can grew everything to make it here.


Oh – and he brought me home a monster stock pot yesterday. What a gift! No more splatters that burn me and stain the stove (as he’s chief stove cleaner I suspect he’s thrilled with that too) and no more trying to halve everything because these huge batches don’t fit my soup pot. It’s a bit light so, thanks to the Joy of Cooking and barbeque experiment, we put two bricks on the burner under it to distribute the heat well. I have to say, I maintained a light boil with no scorching for 3 hrs last night. Apparently it works.

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