We woke up to snow

I could not believe it. From our bedroom window (it’s an interior window – something you need to know or the rest of this will make no sense!) I could see our skylights (yes, they look outside) and in my bleary, half asleep state thought – Hmmm, looks like snow on there. But no! It’s early October. It turns out yes. Last night was, as either J or a friend described it (I forget which), a blizzard. I slept through it – which was a gift given that the night prior I’d been up at 3:30 am. 


So, the tomatoes should’ve been fine as they were all covered with agricultural fleece. The wind had other ideas and ripped it all off, exposing the poor things to the freeze. So, today I’ll be making copious amounts of green tomato stuff. I found a chili recipe that looks promising. It takes 18 cups of tomatoes – given how many are sitting in LG’s wagon, any recipe involving 18 cups looks promising!


We also had our best squash year. A couple of gigantic pumpkins for LG to carve. One acorn squash – planted so late I’m amazed we got any and some hokaidos that were transplants given to us by a friend.


Oh yes, we bought a truck. A toyota, of course, given that VW doesn’t really make proper pick ups and the transporters we looked at were 2WD. Little Red – as we’re calling it – is very cute, goes like crazy and while not cheap was a great deal. Little Red has been so christened because we have the Big Red Truck – which is my nemesis – and a friend has “Big Blue”. LG called it “Little Red” on the way to cello lessons last night and it stuck.


Well, what else to say? I have chicken stock – complete with broken bones – steaming the heck out of my house. I have to go for a straw run tomorrow and I can because I have Little Red to do it in. And yes, I have been doing fibre things like crazy. I’m weaving a gift – nearly done (and doesn’t everyone wonder who it is for?). I have a sweater to finish for LG and then the big push for gifts. I’m realizing this hobby is turning out very handy as many of my friends and family have woolen type requests. Makes it easy to gift people and I like doing it so, it’s a great combo. I’m taking a spinning course (that’s spinning wheel, not that odd fitness bike thing) next week. Can hardly wait for that.


Oh – and to those who have emailed to ask – yes, I have still been favouring fibre over writing. I’m ok with it – and it sounds like most of you are too (waiting in anticipation of fibry gifts are we?).


Well, that is all for now.

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