I feel like I’m cheating…

on writing. I have been up to my elbows in fibre lately. And I’ve been loving it. Stories are languishing as I weave and well, mostly weave lately. I’m hoping to spin this evening and maybe do a small felting project. Oh and I have a sweater to finish for LG. Something about the textures and the way that things come together is soothing. I’m not sure I could even explain how.

I have been toying with the idea of an online story. I realize I just like writing but I don’t care if I’m “published”. Well, I’d love to be but I realize then I’ll be feeling pressured to write and that might take all of the joy out of it. Who knows. Maybe not but maybe and so few people make enough off writing to get to have time in their day for others things… most of the authors I’ve met are working the day job and writing at night which leaves them with time for few other things. Maybe next spring when I’m going to be working part time I could do it but right now it just feels like a bit of a burden (in spite of all of the first drafts sitting on my hard drive!).

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