A good news/bad news sort of post…

Ok , the good news first. BWD was found and cared for by a neighbour – thank Dog! She’s home, she’s safe, she’s sleeping contendedly where she can completely obstruct my front door but she’s happy, I’m happy so why move her. I am so grateful to have her home. She was a long way away and I’m really grateful that the person who found her cared for her.


The cool news – I know I didn’t say anything about cool news but there you go. LG has had some musical epiphany and is taking both piano and cello. His first lessons were this week. He’s doing piano with a good friend of ours and possibly the coolest teacher EV-AR and his cello teacher, although less well known to me, came recommended by a great friend. LG certainly seemed to enjoy it so that was cool. Piano we’re going to do on going – cello he can say if he wants to take a break or not by November – but he has to wait until then. I don’t want to push that too much.


Ok – the bad news. I just realized it’s the Equinox. Well, didn’t  “just” realize, I’ve been aware of it all day. What I really mean is I just realize -“holy shit, it’s fall equinox and I have a crap load of knitted gifts on my “to make for Solstice” list and fleece that needs to be spun into wool for them. Arrrrggggg!” So, here I am blogging instead of knitting/spinning. Nice.


Actually. I’m too tired and out of it to be useful at either occupation. I’m going to get some of the work I would be doing from home tomorrow done right now so I can justify a bit of weaving during my “work” day. One of the first things I need to do requires the loom for best get at it, I figure.

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