Oh BWD… where are you?

I’ve realized I often blog in my head – I think I’ve said this before. The reality is the bother of logging onto wordpress when you are stuck in the dial up hinterland makes it rarely worthwhile, but rest assured, I’m often thinking of what to say, or muttering about what I’d like to be saying on here…

So, the BWD (that’s Big White Dog – my pyr) is on the lam. We had an unexpected thunderstorm start at 6:30 last night and just as I had an inkling I should get her behind an electric fence, a great crack of thunder rolled over the sky and she slipped through my fingers. Now, it’s nearly 24 hours and she’s not back. I am, needless to say, growing from a bit concerned to worried and heading into distraught. Well, not distraught but pretty upset.


BWD – I know that you’re probably not online but if you can somehow hear me – please, please come home.

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