So much happening

So, the big changes and sad news to start off… well… sort of sad, we’re adjusting. We’ve sold our sheep flock. All of our sheep flock. We decided that we aren’t able to keep them in a manner consistent with our aspirations and their needs so most have headed East to a friend who is full of pasture and fibery love for them. It’s a good move all around and although the place seems empty (seriously empty) it’s a good thing. We’ve decided to stick with smaller animals – our goal was self sufficiency and we’ve decided there’s nothing self sufficient about relying on other people for feed. And the minerals are an issue. If The World Ended (our FAVOURITE measuring stick around here) they’d all be dead of selenium deficiency and white muscle disease in a generation… 

So, I’ve had my cry (cries); know they’re going to a loving owner and home where things will be a better fit for them and had cherry pie (thanks to my MIL) for breakfast. I’m bummed but life is really good (or so I keep reminding myself) and it’s not like something came along and et them or something.

So, we’re done with that. 


On a happier note – it’s another canning weekend. Did I say happier? Whatever. We’re going to be doing pickles AND green beans. And I don’t mean the ‘dilly, so much vinegar to keep them safe your mouth lights on fire’ green beans either. That’s right, I’m going to pressure can. Alright, to those of you who have done it no doubt it seems like no big deal. But I’ve never done it, never seen it done and like everyone else out there heard (or imagined, more like) all sorts of horrible problems because of the pressure part of it. But I read about pressuring canning and learned a bit and one of the things I (thought I) learned was you have to get the gauges checked. Makes sense but I didn’t get around to it this year so I though-no pressure canning for me. 


I just read – on a University extension site so very reliable – that the weighted style of gauges, which I have, don’t need checking. They’re reliable and static. So, after I post the rest of this and get the pressure canner to look it over, I’m going to get my dill pickle supplies and my CANNED GREEN BEAN supplies and make canned beans for the first time EV-AR!


On another exciting note – in the midst of my agonies over the sheep, I sold an article. More on that though, when I get the contract….

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