So much done…

Today was extreme labour day. First LG and did… some stuff. I forget what. Then, I finished an article I have to submit to a magazine (yay!), then we decided to rehouse the bees. When we bought our bees, like many packages, they came as part of a nuc. We’re tbh folks (that’s, top bar hive folks) and the two are a bit like an Imperial wrench and metric  bolt. So, we had to improvise. Our first tries were patently unsuccessful which required they go back to the nuc to repair all of the damage I’d inadvertently done. They are (were) happy in there but with winter coming on (I know, some of us are having a heat wave but I’m thinking of how long they have to work to get enough food to get through winter) we wanted to move them so they could really get ready for it.


So. The first step was getting suited up. Here’s LG in his suit (way too cute really). So, we used the smoker. I wasn’t going to but man am I glad I did. It was SOOOO much easier. We trimmed a bunch of the combs to fit in the THB and wired the extra bits on. They’ll tell us if it didn’t work. The bits of wire you can see in the photos is from that.


The other thing I was going to blog about is Baldr. We have (really this time) decided to put him up for sale. There’s no time line on it, he’s not going into the freezer but we do want to try out a new ram. So here’s the gorgeous boy, with his full horn curl and lovely fleece. Contact us if you want more information or are interested.IMGP6917

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