Quickly updatery

Lambs and chicks are growing – as is the garden. 


I have given into to my fibre impulses and purchased a spinning wheel. I got a “to good to be true” deal on an Ashford Joy. And yes, I will eventually post photos of my current efforts.


We’re busy as anything. It’s fruit season here – we’ve been putting up strawberries and cherries and will do more tomorrow. Possibly currants this week as well. More updates when I have time to breathe.

4 thoughts on “Quickly updatery”

  1. How exciting!! I did the same, but bought an Ashford Traditional…love it! I’m hoping to get some of my girls’ fleeces washed and carded this week-end so I can try spinning some of it. I’ve mostly been practicing on Romney so far.

  2. It is exciting isn’t it? I’ve spun rambouillet – very poorly. I’ve been spinning merino yesterday and the day before. OMG – it’s like spinning cream and very easy to make a good job of it. I have Romney to do next and I’m sending my Icelandic fleeces off to be processed at Custom. I’ll process my fall fleeces myself (yes, I’m going to fall shear this year). And the one I have with too long a staple to be sent I’ll do at home this summer.

    When I started (on Saturday) I was scared to trust these thins little bits at first so my first attempts are like ropes, not yarn. I watched the Joy of Handspinning video (on her site: http://www.joyofhandspinning.com/) and realized what little wisps she’s spinning. So I came home and tried it. Lo and behold – there was yarn ad it was good, even and not fat!

    I’m having so much fun.

    I was an odd thing too. I bought the wheel on Friday and on Monday learned that my job is being reduced to half time. Ugh! If I’d known that (instead of all of the assurances I got hat all was well with our budgets) there’s no way I would have bought it. But, I don’t really regret the wheel, even if I did – it’s done. And it was bought used so it’s not even like I could send it back to the store. Besides, I have enough fleece here that it ought to pay for itself in shortish order. Even if I don’t sell my wool, I won’t be buying much for upcoming projects.

    So, about the Joy. I’ve heard lots of good and bad about it – here’s my take. I first thought it wasn’t appropriate for me for two reasons – the orifice isn’t very big and I forget what else. The orifice is fine – I’m not sure what you’d be putting through it that’s thicker than my first attempts – seriously! It’s a bit low for me but J gave me a piece of plywood that lifts it up just a little. I also think that’s about getting to know it. I’m on the taller side and can see a wheel with a taller orifice at some point.

    Oh yes – I bought single treadle. In a perfect world I would have gone with double but this was the one I could afford. I’d keep her because once I’m good I suspect the “dead spot” on the single won’t be an issue but for now it is.

    I love that I can fold this up and put it away. She’s pretty – I named her Millie (for Amelia, not Millicent). And she spins like a dream. She’s a very easy beginner wheel.

    Well, were off to pick strawberries!

  3. That is really too bad about your job, but on the other hand…more time for spinning!! I took the Master Spinner Level 1 (there are six levels if you can imagine that) from Olds College in June. It was really great, I got lots of tips and got to try out many different kinds of wool. I think I like the Romney the best but we got to try some merino, cormo and even silk! My wheel is a single treadle too and I like it better than the double I tried out…I’m used to using one foot with my sewing machine, so it seems quite natural. I like how portable the Joy is…my Traditional is pretty but takes up a lot of room! Happy spinning!

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