Intimacy with bees

I spent the morning yesterday- from about 4:30 am to 10:30 am doing bee chores. By 5:30 I was on the road to pick up our hive from the other side of our region (same as a county for those of you reading the US). J spent the day prior building our hives so we were ready to go.


The drive was gorgeous – the full dappled sun through deciduous leaves over a snow capped mountain pass. Across a cable ferry to an isolated area and a bee farm. Spectacular really. 


I got them home and realized we didn’t have a good veil so we went to town to get something that would serve.


With no other reasons to procrastinate any longer, we set about trying to get them into the hive. Ha! It looks so easy when you see someone pouring them out but not so easy to do from a nuc to a top bar hive. Anyway, 24hrs later, it seems that we have the majority of them home. So, I stood in the middle of a swarm of bees as they swirled and generally made their anger known and just stood there. It was the most incredible feeling. I’m sure standing the middle of a small tornado would feel comparable. So, I got one real sting – my ankle is swollen and hot and itchy (all normal reactions to bee venom).


Today we had some fixing to do so back to the hive. Foolish me, I didn’t realise I had a huge gap in my veil and a stream of bees swarmed up into it. Fortunately I kept calm (thank you yoga) and managed to get every bee out of my veil and suit without incident.


Today they’re swarming around the hive and I’m just hoping we got the queen in properly. If not, I guess I would have to order one and try to introduce her.


Bees are mesmerizing.

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