My house smells like Heaven….

Right now there is a rich smell coursing through my house. LG and I have been marinating in it all morning. We are completing the first stage of marmalade making. For those of you uninterested in marmalade, skip this post say I. But for those of you who share my love of the bitter, citrusy sweet confection (or condiment) read on. 

I am making an old – ancient – marmalade recipe. It starts with poaching the oranges (mostly traditional Sevilles with a few others thrown in) for three hours. As my pot was insufficient to hold the lot (I’ll be rectifying that asap), I had to make two batches. For six hours we’ve had the incredible, heady scent of citrus simmering. 

Today they’ll simmer, the peel and innards will be separated with the Seville being largely the one that is kept. The innards, some of the poaching liqueur and innards will be cooked again and then let to sit until tomorrow. While that bit cooks today, I’ll be finely slicing the very cooked peel. 


I have photos and will insert them at some point. 


Oranges are a lovely thing. Although we aim for local/sustainable etc. oranges are one exception I feel no guilt over. Well… when I don’t buy organic I don’t feel great about that but generally, it feels fine to buy them. Given that the long history of shipping oranges, the long shelf life and the tough skin which makes it possible to ship them in a reasonable fashion if we so want, they’re a great food to help you feeling a little sunshiney even when there’s a blizzard blowing outside your window. 

Here’s a great read about oranges on one of my favourite sites.

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