Goings on

Well… busy day today. New chickens came home – I love all of them already. Each of the hens is just so full of their own personality and they’re really quite fun. I still love the ducks but I have to say I understand now why people have chickens too….


We’ve sold off most of our breeding stock. We’ll have a handful of lambs for sale this year but that’s all. I think we may be to a nice balance of the benefits of our sheep but with so much less work. I’m liking that. We’ll see how it is at lambing this year. It’s got to be easier than last year. And I’ll still have some cuties running about. Poor Baldr though – as we were getting the new chickens today I decided to do the great pre-lamb shuffle. The avians have been in the lambing running for the last few months so the expectant mothers and my wether are in there now. The chickens, ducks and goose are all in the former sheep run – cleaning that up for when there are lambs to play in there and benefiting from the protection of my pyr (who will move into the lambing pens as soon as we can fix the hotwire there). 


Baldr – poor Baldr – is all alone on the other side of the yard in my garden. Yes, my garden. Foolish me did not manage my gates properly so the gate to the huge run is frozen open with about 1 1/2 of snow blocking it (that’s 1 1/2 ft deep, and about 10 ft wide). It’s going to be a HUGE shovel job to deal with. I’m going to try to get it started tomorrow but we’ll see. I have to confess, I’m hoping for a melt and as he’s doing ok in the garden (J threw up a quick wind break for him), I may not rush too quickly.


One question I anticipate (I’m always surprised at how many people read this blog!) is why not have the wether in with him? Good question – he’s not too great to the other boy sheep and there’s not many places for the little guy to hide. Next year they’ll go everywhere together but I’m not sure I’m ready for them to be together. Even in the big run, the little guy could get away. Maybe when lambs start arriving – he’ll be about another month and some older, that much bigger etc. Right now it just wouldn’t be fair.


We’ve also confirmed our bees. As long as there’s a swarm, we’ll have a hive or two. For our place, bees make a lot of sense. Low impact farming – that’s my philosophy for 2009.

1 thought on “Goings on”

  1. We love our chickens too and the sheep are getting used to them (or rather the chickens are getting used to the sheep sticking their noses where they don’t belong!). Bees? Sounds interesting…we have been considering them also. Do tell more!

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