What 2009 seems to mean

I have realized, two months into this year, that if you let things happen you will find out the theme of your year. Yes, I have a theory that every year has a theme and on 1 Jan (or so) there’s a new chapter, as it were, with a new theme. 


Instead of making resolutions, etc I have just been doing stuff and recently, I discovered my “theme”. It’s “tidying up loose ends”. So far this year I have had major dental work I had put off for, ahem, a year or two, am learning to downhill ski (something I have wanted to do for years but was too chicken to try), cut my hair (16 inches off), sold sheep to downsize (I now have a tiny little flock I could graze here if need be), bought a loom and learned to weave (in spite of having a loaner for years that I was too scared to touch) and generally am sorting out the rubbish. Oh yes, I have three – yes, three, stories/novels that I am tidying up for submission.


I think 2009 is going to be a great one.

2 thoughts on “What 2009 seems to mean”

  1. Interesting…I like the idea of themes…you have given me something to comtemplate today! What a nice feeling it must be to tie up loose ends. Good for you.

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