pecking order – sigh

There’s nothing like pecking order to make you HATE having animals. Mine have spent the last few days figuring things out across the board. The ducks are re-organizing after the loss of the geese. The chickens had three new hens added- lots of figuring out there leaving Rex (a roo) missing a claw! And the sheep. Baldr decided he needed to sort it out with Haf and broke through the fence separating the groups to do it. So, while they pummeled each other – well – Haf got pummeled (he’s a sweet boy), Tuffy (ewe) and Lafi (wether) went up with the girls where that pecking order had to be re-established. Sheesh! Too much like work folks. At least things are simmered down today. The cheeps are all getting along. The top run (ewes and eunuchs) is fine (lots of hay – can’t fight, eating). The boys are ok. Baldr has the momentary urge to assert himself but they’re alright. Their hay is on the ground and he’s laying on it – no joke – with poor Haf looking at it wondering how he can get some. Of course, there’s more hay options but if he’s laying on it, it’s got to be the good stuff. 


Good job I was home sick today. I feel so rested.

2 thoughts on “pecking order – sigh”

  1. Sounds like it must almost be spring. In winter it’s too cold to be fighting with the neighbours. But spring, when the ladies are starting to look serious and the guys want their share of the action, spring sounds like trouble.

    Also: Rest: Highly over rated. As you well know.

  2. Well sadly, I wish it was so easy… it’s putting new animals together that’s the trick. I had to put Baldr back with the girls and Haf and Lafi waaaayyyyy across the yard. Baldr has about 100lbs on Haf – little guy had no chance. I should say though – my herd sire is lovely. He’s trying to pummel his “rival” but let’s me do whatever I want to him. Now I didn’t take that for granted and was careful but he is really a lamb with people. Anyone without testosterone, actually.

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