Oh la la

I am in love! Obviously with my son and always with my husband (although no doubt there’s days when he wonders…). No, I mean with a new CD. Now there are those of you who have followed this blog from it’s old home and would then know how much I raved about the New Pornographers album (Twin Cinema) when I got it. Well… I just picked up the new one (thanks to iTunes) and my goodness! The first cord just reverberated right through me and the whole album has followed. It’s a such a mix of music – I think it’s what the Partridge Family would sound like modernized. Ok – that may not sound like a compliment but it is in my mind (not that I really could tell you anything about the Partridge Family actually). But in my head, it works. Anyway, I love it and highly recommend it. Of course, it’s too distracting to knit and listen because I do have to get up at intervals and dance. This is not my fault – it’s a carry over from a game LG and I were playing before bed. I burned him a kid’s CD today of Christmas music (I know, I’m rushing things but I’m just so excited! I’m nearly done my shopping but not my making). Anyway, he was so excited to get his own CD of music that was geared to him that we danced around and played frisbee as well as Winchester in the middle with a CD that had been ruined. It was a very joyous (and I don’t use that word often) evening. 


As this is supposed to be the farm blog, I should do an update about the goings on farmwise. First – I have been having a heck of a time updating the webpage so I’m working on one on the Mac that can be uploaded in one fell swoop. A friend who is an IT guy assures me this would be the best way. So… it’s a work in progress. I do like the page better and feel like I have more control over it.


All of the lambs are sold. It’s a good thing as I have no room in my freezer and I do have a cull ewe to go in. I have fleeces that need cleaning and carding but some that is cleaned and carded I have been spinning on the Navajo Spindle I purchased at OFFF. It took a few minutes to get the feeling back but when I got it, it really clicked. I have to have surgery in a few days and will be largely having to take it easy (UGH!) for a few days. I think the spindle and fleeces will come in VERY handy during my recuperation. 

The bunnies are just lovely. They come over to visit me every time I go near their house. I just adore them. LG and J cleaned the house out so we have some lovely spent hay and straw and poop to go on the garden. i suspect I shall never have to buy anything to amend my soil again!


The chicks are growing – there’s only four but they are most definitely at that gawky adolescent stage. We’re so curious to see how many are roos and how many hens. 


The ducks and geese (aka Velociraptors) are thriving – boy are they ever. They’re like the mafia! A friend who purchased ducks and geese with our order at one of the geese lately and was a tad bit disappointed. As I recalled the goose tasting like “a tough liver”. Mmm. I guess they’ll live another day, I’m in no rush for tough liver that takes that much effort to pluck and prepare. Oh, and it was tiny. We were expecting at least 15lbs. She figured it was three. Yep – a whole days worth of plucking (must be done by hand) and cleaning etc for three pounds. Woohoo!


For a miracle, no structures currently require building, the hay is all here and we have a good amount of firewood – although more of that would be nice. The cold room, pantry and freezer are literally at capacity and I feel ready for winter.

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