I’m shamelessly plugging another blog in the hopes of getting a free ball of yarn. I guess it’s a sign that I’ve officially crossed the line to addiction. Oh well – like all accomplished addicts I will easily be able to justify that!


I cannot figure out how to put the cool little button up…


here’s a try


 <a href=”http://www.yourimpactmatters.com”><img src=”http://www.yourimpactmatters.com/images/link2me.jpg” border=0></a>

3 thoughts on “Well….”

  1. a free ball of yarn???? inviting. I’m awaiting the potential arrival of green, gucky hulls from walnuts to dye up a pot of not-beautiful brown wool from my sheep of years ago. It’s just not brown enough. I’m excited just planning it.

  2. I wish I’d known you need some – we just did a big dying with walnuts. I am so happy with the colour – it’s a warm brown. Hopefully I’ll get some photos up!

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