I talk to this blog….

when I’m doing other things. It’s odd really but only about 1/100 of my posts actually make it on here. Tonight I was thinking about posting things on the economy, the knitting I should be doing right now, my level of fatigue (high), getting milk so I can make real cheese (I’m not convinced you can with store milk), the comfort sipping custard I’m making, the photos I need to get up here and so on. It’s like having this blog provides an excuse – or possibly an outlet -for my myriad of discombobulated thoughts.


Tonight it’s cold. It’s feeling like winter is coming but the colours! The orange and gold and reds are enough to catch your heart, especially when they’re set up against the greens and blues we keep all year round.


The chicks are done with hatching. A terrible failure – and I feel like one. Two died because of humidity problems. Well, one died because I moved him/her from the incubator too early. The foot was slightly spraddled and I though moving her/him to the brooder with a burlap floor would be better but no. I actually think he cooked – unable to move out of the light when he got too hot. So yes, I feel horrid. S/He was moving around in an odd quasimodo kind of way in the incubator so I thought…. but no. Anyway. 6 hatched (of 30) and two died. But the four who are left – holy moly! They are an active, healthy group. We’ll try again in the spring. This isn’t exactly the best time of year to be hatching out but one never looks gift eggs in the mouth!

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