.. a morning wasted surfing online (alright – it’ not the whole morning given that it’s just now 7:40 but the better part of an hour) and a bunch of the eggs in the incubator show no signs of hatching. There’s three chicks in the brooder, one hatched and in the ‘bator. One egg wiggling but nothing else. The other chick that was hatching took too long to get out (my fault – humidity was too low and the membrane dried) and died last night. Such. A. Bummer. But, we have four thriving and as long as one’s a boy and one’s a girl…


On a happier note, I sold my last two ewe lambs. Traded for hay. I now have 6 months of hay that is mine and I can pick up anytime. W00T! That’s great news. Speaking of hay – I’ve been spotted. Best get to feeding everyone.

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