Ah… relaxing farm life.

Or – no rest for the wicked.

That’s me – apparently, the wicked, because this was a weekend without rest. No doubt that’s why I have this chesty, congestion thing today. Now, before I garner any of the sympathy that may be out there, I have to say… not only did I do this to myself but I really, really enjoyed it!

First, on Friday I had the first phase of a dying date. Sounds so goth, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not, really. A friend and I were going to dye with natural materials. So, we did phase one which involved mordants for certain combinations of fabric and dye. Then we took our kids skating, had a pizza party and stayed up too late. Phase two was the next day. I thought it would be the morning but it wasn’t. It was from breakfast to supper. It was fun, but long.  She LG and I got home, exhausted.

The next day I got up early to load hay (it only cost me my labour so was very worth it!). I went to this same friend’s to help him buy sheep. He didn’t really want sheep – and certainly not these ones but a person who owes him a fair amount of money offered him sheep in trade. He’s got the pasture for it so I think he’s thinking – why not? THey weren’t great sheep. I’m a snob but I kept that under control. It’s about a million sheep and no money for feed. And no pasture. 

Today we tackled hooves, fences, moving the bunny palace and generally tidy up in between working from home. And I have this evil respiratory thing that makes me cough like I don’t know what. Consumption doesn’t seem so romantic when you’re actually coughing.

I had another odd note of farming – selling lambs. I realized toady I sold all of my ram lambs but none of my ewes. My ewes were spoken for three different times but bounced cheques and none payers and people who couldn’t take them meant the girls haven’t sold. It maybe that I’ll just have to keep them! Fritha in particular is a stunning ewe and well worth keeping. Snow is too – if you’re looking for a meat line she’s lovely but her fleece… well… I say that but looking at her from her, her fleece isn’t too bad either. Maybe I’ll just have to keep both of them! I have my hay paid for until next season so no stress there.

On an odd – and totally unrelated side note – I have a birthday gift I’m making for a friend and just realized her birthday is at the end of this week. Ugh! And I have a story that just decided to re-write it self. It’s a revision that came out of nowhere but I like it.

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