So tired… again

Why is it that animal things always seem to come at the expense of sleep? I’m pleased to announce that our lovely ram arrived at about two this morning. He’s still not too thrilled with the change in his life – in particular, no doubt, that he was part of a good sized flock with lots of grassy grazing. now he’s in the forest by himself under a fairly heavy canopy but with only hay as his food. Well, and lots of forage deadfall – we have lots of evergreen bits that have been coming down in the wind. My current flock love it.

And rest easy, gentle readers. I do know he needs companionship and once he’s served his time in quarantine, he will have a couple of lovely young ewe lambs to keep him warm at night!


The shipper – Caroline from Hooves N Hounds – was so obliging as to also pick our bunnies at the last minute. It was an excellent fluke – she called to check in and through the course of our conversation, realized she was just a few minutes from the buns I was to be picking up the next day. And she was willing to get them for me. Chris and Robin of Joybilee Farms (where the bunnies came from) were equally obliging, packing them up at the last minute and going down to the Highway to meet Caroline. 


All in all, the bunnies and ram (from Jane at Tideview) and shipping combined to create a pretty blissful evening. A misty sky under a full moon and animal lovers doing their thing. It was really coo. Of course now I’m exhausted but really happy.

Of course the damper on this is that my lovely ram (not the new one, Baldr, my herd sire) was limping when I went to feed him tonight. Of course with the damp my heart caught fearing foot rot. Although it’s not great (he’s cracked the hoof), there’s no sign of rot and he’s in about the driest place I have for him. I’m going to work on the hoof some more tomorrow. It’s bit scary really. I’m going to have to give some more thought to what I can do in droughts. It was so dry his feet haven’t even really softened enough to trim. They’re not overgrown by much so I’m thinking it’s the drought that’s affected them – but I’ll research the heck of it. I did drench the area in Betadine – no sting and should prevent any rot from settling in. I must’ve looked quite a sight, on my hands and knees checking his feet, sniffing the hoof (with a hard hoof that’s not overgrown and a crack, rot is the first thing to look for) for any scent of rot… He’s a strong boy though and I know all will be well with him. The timing stinks – it was supposed to be fibre and hay weekend this weekend and hooves next – when they’ve hopefully softened a bit more but… what will be will be.

I should say that the bunnies are wonderful. I will confess to some hesitation buying from a rabbitry. My MIL bought cats from a catary (is that the word?) and it wasn’t good. But these guys have obviously had lots of exposure to people, are gorgeous and settling in very well already. I have had conversations with the folks at Joybilee before but I now I can say for certain – I’m very happy with their animals and would buy from them again. In fact, when we decided to have babies (and we will), I will go to them for the sire because I’m that happy with the girls. I’ve also been very happy with the conversations I’ve had with them and how available I find them. I know if something goes sideways, I can call and I have no doubt that I will be supported.

Now – the question I’ve been getting a lot – why buy from a rabbitry? Simple – these girls aren’t just pets, they’re also fibre animals that are part of the overall fibre farm picture. So, we wanted loving pets that would provide a specific fibre and I am already convinced we did get exactly that. I’ve hand spun (drop spindle) an eensy bit of their fibre and it’s amazing. I can’t wait to do more. 


I do need to say that the photos in the previous post were sent to me by Joybilee Farms – I can’t take credit for them but I will get some of my own up quickly.


Now, I need to go – I’ve got coyotes coming up the driveway and dogs going nuts.

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