Phew… All is well with my beloved ram.

Well, I went into the feet expecting the worst. Set down some hay and some plastic and got the tools out. Looked at the non-limping leg first and gave a little trim to that foot, pick with the hoof pick, etc. 

Then the limping foot…. I sniffed again and looked for signs of rot. Nothing. But…  narrow strip of toe had grown out and curled under. Being extremely hard after the drought, it had no give and so he had to limp. Why it started yesterday I know not – maybe it had just tucked under yesterday. It was an odd strip, completely incongruent with the rest of the hoof (which is in great shape). and no doubt the reason for the crack. So, after a little trim he’s fine and will need more Betadine to keep the fissure clear of rot and monitoring. I love doing it myself – because it’s one more thing I’ve figured out and done and I don’t need to call someone about. But most of all I love that he’s fine.

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