I’ve been having trouble updating this. I type something, think I’ve hit publish and poof. J would tell you it’s a (an?) user error. No doubt he’s right but I’m going to blame the technology instead.


So, I’ve teetered back from the edge of a career precipice. I nearly forgot what brought us here -and what we wanted out of moving to this rural existence. But we’re all better now. No big, fancy high power jobs for me at this time. Not with LG so little and so much fun to be had. So, back to crofting as the priority. I think these little things come to just to shake me up but when I’m settled I’m much more settled. The main thing I took from this is that I can jump back into the big system if I want. I worried a bit that moving to somewhere rural and not being in my work environment in the same way would really hurt my practice. I had hoped it wouldn’t and evidently, it hasn’t. Or at least, not that anyone’s noticed. That’s very re-assuring.


We were at OFFF – Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. Excellent, super excellent. We had a blast. I learned how to spin with both a wheel and a Navaho spindle. Can’t afford the wheel yet but didn’t get a Navaho. I just need to get my carders back from my friend so I can get to work practicing. I had a little spinning lesson and a really little plying lesson. I hope that I can spin well enough by next year -i) to justify taking a class ii) to justify buying a wheel (a Lendrum DT complete kit if you please – follow this link http://www.woolery.com/Pages/lendrumfr.html to see it) and to be able to spin well enough to make something from sheep (or bunny) to article. Wouldn’t that be spectacular? I don’t even care if it’s a scarf… it would just be great.


I loved being there not just because of the booths and eye candy but because I tool a class that really helped me feel confident about my knitting. I learned from a book and have never really knit around a “real” knitter so it was a huge deal to take a class, knit in public and learn some tricks. And they were great tricks. I also got to look at a lot of animals and be convinced – again – that I have what’s perfect for me. Not only are the Icelandics perfect for us but the folks in the Icelandic community are so positive and helpful. It’s not to say everything’s peaches and roses and everyone always agrees. Not at all. But largely people are positive and they’re helpful and they don’t bad mouth each other – even if they don’t think someone has good breeding or whatever practices they sort of gently suggest something just to get you thinking. By and large the folks were a huge part of why I selected Icelandic over some of the other similar breeds we were looking at. The AGM – which we held in conjunction with OFFF – really re-enforced that again. I met people I’ve only ever met virtually and everyone was as nice as could be. 


The other things that really struck me at OFFF were the rabbits. I met an angora rabbit breeder who just got her first Icelandic. I’m hooked on the bunnies and had a chance to ask her lots of stuff. Here’s her site -http://www.hareonthegoat.com/ –  she’s lovely.  I would buy from her and you should too if you’re into rabbits. We’d seen the angoras in the show area and my brain started turning. I raised rabbits as a youth and loved them. Just the right mix of independent and cuddly. Like a cat only different. And they produce fibre. They eat nothing compared to sheep and in a pinch you could definitely eat them so… we are getting two. It’s exciting – I keep checking my email to see if the pictures have come yet. We still have to get the hutch built. I’m going to pick up the rabbit wire after work tomorrow I think.


The cold weather is officially here. We put the garden to bed and stripped I don’t know how many tomatoes  – maybe 10lbs? Almost all green but there’s a few recipes to try. We also put up applesauce. Yum! It’s the first fire tonight as well.


And last but not least. Our new ram – Haf, I think he’ll be called – is still stuck on the Island. He’s paid for and I have the paperwork – so as soon as the shipper can get him, he’ll be home.

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